My terrible experience with Performance Auto Carrier Inc. of Brampton, ON, Canada

DISCLAIMER: This blog is ONLY to present my personal (bad) experience with Performance Auto Carrier Inc.  of Brampton, ON, Canada.  It is not a commentary on the ongoing business practices or Performance Auto Carrier Inc.  of Brampton, ON, Canada, nor it is general statement. This is STRICTLY and ONLY presentation of my personal experience, the facts and timelines.

PART I: Preliminaries

1. Why transport a car by carrier when you can drive it?

Canada is a big country. And having already driven from Vancouver to Ottawa (all through Canada, no US shortcuts), suffering through 1100km per day, with pretty much nothign to see between calgary, ab and barrie, on, I was not ready to do it again.

2. What options area available?

It is either train or truck (or you have someone else drive it, no go for me).  Trains are best, but they charge $500 insurance deductable and take a long time and are dependent on terminal availability on both sides.  Trucks are more expensive but faster and usually offer better insurance.  Another big difference is that trucks get into road accidents, trains don’t.  I chose train, for security mostly, even though i wasn’t happy with the $500 deductable (they claim ‘it works just like car insurance’ but that’s BS, car insurance has deductible because you are driving, the train operator is not driving your car but transporting it like any other immobile good, a refrigirator for example, and which sane man would pay a deductible on a refrigirator damaged in delivery???).  However, as luck would have it, some ship hit the terminal of Canadian railways in vancouver, and it was going to be out of comission for at least a month. As I couldn’t wait a month, I had to go to Plan B – a truck.

3. The wild, wild west of the truck-based long-distance car transport

The truck transport companies for vehicles seem to take a page from the wild west. appearing and dissapearing all the time, changing their names, working out of a shared warehouse with only one vehicle they actually own, sharing routes and takeovers from other ‘buddy’ companies, etc. etc.

It is a real nightmare to wade through all these truck-based vehicle transport companies and separate the terribly bad from the not-as-bad ones.  They all have fantastic claims on their web sites, but their emails are @telus or @rogers, or even free email accounts (i.e. they dont’ even pay for a web server), and usually are 1-2 guys operation.  Very shady.  Most of them will avoid the talk of insurance (“we never had a problem” – yeah right), and one guy even told me “I don’t want to transport your car” after I asked him to show me a proof of insurance.


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